2015-10-23 15:13
Cosmetic briefs are the result of putting active cosmetic ingredients into the briefs so as to endow them with the cosmetic functions.

Most of women thought that shapewear was old-fashioned and too tight for wearing. Nowadays, shapewear can no longer be classed as vintage with all our new designs. It’s stylish and practice. Also a good shaping product can improve the body silhouette gradually. Today, I’ll recommend a new shapewear for you to change the bad way that you think of shapewear. Why I recommend this shapewear? Lady in Cosmetic® shapewear is a very high-tech and high quality product. Its unique feature is the presence of microcapsules which can release those cosmetic ingredients, such as caffeine, shea butter and green tea to help you change your body condition. Because my sensitive skin, should I be concerned about wearing Lady in Cosmetic® shapewear? Absolutely no, those active ingredients are all the extract of natural plants, gentle in nature, without irritating skin, so you can wear it without concerns. Can I wear Lady in Cosmetic® during the day and night? 8 hours a day at your work time is the best way to reshape your body. At the daytime, your movements will make these ingredients take their maximum effect. Remember, just for the day!
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